Small Victory! 96 West Eckerson Road in Hillcrest

At the April 4th Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals, a project to replace a small single-family house with a 2-family house, at 96 West Eckerson Road in Hillcrest was on the agenda. The proposed project was too large and tall for the property and would dwarf the neighboring houses. Multiple variances were required, even though the project was presented to the board as being in a commercial and multifamily housing area. If CUPON had not been represented at the meeting to present that this area is actually a small residential neighborhood, and the proposed development was unsuitable, this project most likely would have been approved. The board did not approve this project! The builder and his lawyer will appear at a later date to present a revised plan for a smaller project. It is important that neighbors who receive notification of development in their area attend Town Planning and Zoning Board meetings to understand what is being developed, and if necessary voice your objections before the board makes a decision.

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